Constantin Sandu

The interpretative art of Constantin Sandu has developed under the influence of his Romanian mentors - Sonia Ratescu, Constantin Nitu and, subsequently, Constantin Ionescu-Vovu at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica "C. Porumbescu" of Bucharest – as well as under several other striking prominent figures - Sequeira Costa, DimitriBashkirov, Helena Sá e Costa and Tania Achot. Its distinct artistic personality combines the rigor and respect for the musical text withcaptivating poetic sensitivity andsound imagination.

Since his orchestra debut at the age of 14, he has developed an intense activity as concertist, which extends for a period of more than three decades of performances in hundreds of concerts in several European and Asian countries.  He as been praised by the public and the specialized critique, as the following quotes demonstrate: "his personality sensitivity allows him to perform a very personal and authentic interpretation" (Piano Journal - Uk); "musician of undoubted personality, (…) a wonderful sense of color and rhythm, accompanied by an undeniable virtuosity" (Diario de Sevilla - Spain); "a superb pianist, (...) a colorful and a masterful delicacy, (...) mastery beyond reproach. Overwhelming." (ABC - Spain); "a concert full of expression and emotion" (Public - Portugal); "an artistic demonstration of high carat" (Muzica - Romania); "a general viewing ahead of his troops”, the OrquestraSinfónica de Bodensee" (L'EstRépublicain - France); "The delicate and deep touch, the almost immaterial sound transported the listener to a dimension of dream" (CorriereValsesiano - Italy).

He holds several international awards, in the following competitions: Senigallia - Italy, 1980 (2nd prize), Viotti-Valsesia - Italy, 1981 (1st prize), Paloma O'Shea Santander - Spain, 1984 (Honorable mention), Epinal - France, 1985 (2nd prize) and Maria Canals Barcelona - Spain, 1985 (3rd and special premium Alberto Mozzatti).

He played at renowned festivals (Enescu - Bucharest, Chopin - Paris, Santander), with major European orchestras (George EnescuPhilharmonic Orchestra- Bucharest Arthur Rubinstein - Lodz, Philharmonic of Halle, Bodensee SymphonieOrchester- Konstanz), and collaborated with highly praised conductors (Mandeal, Stupel, Koncz, Dubrovski, Minsky, Stephenson, Beissel, Tardue, Wehner, Benetti, Bellugi, Muratori).

In 2006 he obtained his doctorate in music from the National University of Music in Bucharest, with a thesis entitled The Portuguese music for piano. Constantin Sandu lives in Portugal since 1991 and is a professor of piano at the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo do Porto.