Orquestra Clássica do Sul and Constantin Sandu (Piano)
"French Modernism: Debussy & Poulenc"

Tickets: 10€

C. DEBUSSY    Piano Suite
                             Piano Preludes
                                   (… Feuilles mortes)
                                   (… Ondine)
                                   (… Feux d’artifice)
                             L'Isle joyeuse
                             Petite Suite (arr. G. Davies for Winds Quintet)
F. POULENC       Sextet for Piano and Winds Quintet, Op. 100

Orquestra Clássica do Sul
Constantin Sandu, Piano

The FIMA 2017 – Festival Internacional de Música do Algarve presents “French Modernism: Debussy and Poulenc”, with chamber music performed by the pianist Constantin Sandu and a woodwind quintet from the Orquestra Clássica do Sul.
The post romantic French music has embarked on a different path to Modernism. Debussy and Poulenc, the composers we will listen to in this concert, are two good examples of such a journey. In search of new languages in music, Debussy has been influenced by the symbolist aesthetic (in literature), and impressionism (in painting), well noticed in the piano works included in this programme. Poulenc has also followed a very personal and eclectic path, expressed in the “Sextet for Piano and the woodwind quintet”.
The interpretative art of Constantin Sandu has developed under the influence of his Romanian masters. His distinctive artistic personality has granted him several international awards and the participation in various renowned festivals.